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Who Are We?

We are a group of close friends and family who started an innovative production company that seeks to create new and unique partnerships between artists, filmmakers, and small businesses. Currently, the branded content space is monopolized by large corporate brands, however, we seek to disrupt and democratize this space and create opportunities for the clients that we work with. Their personal brands and presence in the community will be magnified by the content produced by our company. Through these partnerships we look to craft and facilitate better content while also meeting our double bottom line, and ultimately looking to grow and fund bigger projects.


To create riveting and unparalleled stories and production, while facilitating synergies between local businesses and rising filmmakers, artists, and other creative talent.

Our Initiatives


Included in our mission is to highlight new perspectives by supporting films made by women and diverse filmmakers, with gender equity and diversity in front-of and behind the camera. As such, we will aim for half of supported content having female and minority directors, as well as half of the major characters and subjects in selected films being (and subjects about) women and minorities.


Considering that one of our founders is an US Army Veteran, we are committed to working with veterans on set, not only because Veteran's deserve to be supported for the sacrifices they have made, but also because those who have served typically possess the necessary skills to work on set and to project manage the many moving pieces of production. We are also dedicated to making sure to highlight the veteran talent and veteran owned businesses in our community.


Bridge The Gap Productions is 100% committed to social responsibility and having a positive impact in our community. Our Production Company was founded during a time of uncertainty, in which many local businesses and talents in our community were severely impacted, forcing them to adapt and overcome. We would like to provide these businesses and creative talents a means to help highlight each of their unique attributes that allow them to thrive, even in the face of adversity.